Obsidian Blades

Live By the Stage, Die By the Blade.

Sponsored by the mysterious Baron Obsidian, the Obsidian Blades Theater Troupe is Eorzea's premier entertainment group! Stage plays, live performances, music, and more, the Blades are an eclectic group comprised of all manner of individuals and backgrounds!
Not a performer? Not to worry! The Blades are always on the lookout for those possessing knowledge or skills in any and all fields! After all, to be the best actors we can be, we must be trained by the best of the best! So don't worry if you're focus is more on the combat arts rather than the performing arts, you have a place here!And just to get it out of the way now- we never commit crimes! Its just ACTING! Why would you even ask such a thing randomly???OOC
We totally do crimes... Well, not "crime" crimes... We just think a lot of rules are dumb...
While performances and plays are a big part of our fun, the group also handles minor contract work, including bounties and numerous "morally grey" activities... We are not big fans of "rules" or "the law" and prefer to follow our own moral compass. Note, however, we DO NOT partake in extreme activities such as slavery, needless killing, etc. etc (but hey, sometimes bad people shouldn't be alive anymore, and sometimes rich people don't need to be as rich, right?)The Obsidian Blades are a casual RP Group with a focus on developing bonds between our members and facilitating an enjoyable and fun space for people. We host events throughout the week and weekend, ranging from casual RP gatherings to full events, as well as OOC discord events such as movie nights and other activities. We strive for quality members over bulk numbers.•Welcoming Memberbase
•Active Discord
•Scheduled Events (Participants Paid with In-Game Gil)
•Free Company Estate (Mateus, Shirogane, 27th Ward, Plot 37)